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Leading supplier, exporter and Supplier of Workshop Machinery in India, our technical ability is supported by the manufacturers to meet deliveries on time for setting up complete production line and workshop. In order to gain excellence by defeating our own standards, the company follows its quality policy to the core. Our company guarantees the use of genuine raw materials, producing quality goods which shall stand the test of time, with the chief aim being to produce Machinery and Engineering tools as per the requirements of the client. We take utmost care of the design, condition and structure of our machines, so that we can take pride in owning machines of International Standard.

In order to facilitate faster production, our machines are customer oriented, as well as operator friendly. We also excel in the impressive production and line-up of Machine Tools, Special Purpose Machinery, Lathe Machines, Drilling Machines, Precision Measuring Instruments, Metal Cutting tools, Presses, Hydraulic Press, Thread Rolling Machinery, Spine Rolling Machinery, Radial Drilling, Surface Grinder, Special purpose Machinery. Customers are also provided with the choice of demanding light or heavy duty machines. In order to understand and fulfill the requirement of each customer, the Workshop Machinery is supplied only after stringent quality control at all stages of production, with a bulk amount of finished goods set up as stock, so that any amount of demand can be met on an urgent basis. Clients are provided with comprehensive portfolios to choose from a wide range of products in the field of Workshop Machinery.

We also have an effective Customer care service, equipped with a 24*7 Hotline number to ensure quick assistance to our esteemed clients.  Being the largest supplier of Workshop Machinery in Kolkata, West Bengal, yet hoping to reach the apex of Workshop Machinery, the company organizes an Expo every year, in the month of Nov-Dec, which attracts and encourages suppliers and traders from all over the country. After attaining grand success in Kolkata, we are also opening four new branches in all the Metropolis of India, with an aim to cater to the needs of the Nation.

Supplier of Workshop Machinery

Supplier of Workshop Machinery