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Supplier of Ferro Alloys

Widely regarded to be the leading Supplier of Ferro Alloys in India, our products are known for their tensile strength, hardness, and wear-resistance. The company boasts of the state-of-the-art-facilities including a submerged Arc furnace which employs the popular Soderberg Electrode Technology. We have been standing tall in the field of experience of over 20 years and will continue to cater to the needs of our clients in this competitive era with the most innovative approach. We make sure that the quality we provide remains to be so. We produce optimum quality Ferro Alloy compounds by harnessing a dependable inventory control to ensure effective customer satisfaction. Being the Largest Supplier of Ferro Alloys in Kolkata, with well-grounded products and an effective supply chain to ensure that the products are regularly delivered on time and do conform to the standards and norm of this industry.

Since its inception in the year 2001, we have been the leading traders and Suppliers of Ferro Alloy in India. Our well-maintained storage facility enables us to meet the bulk and urgent requirements of our clients without causing unwanted delay. We believe in benchmark quality products, customer centric approach, immediate dispatch, employee satisfaction and client satisfaction, the company has continuously diversified its product portfolio for value addition. With offices and warehouses spread all over India, our company ensures timely sourcing, distributing and delivery of goods, hence facilitating quicker supply of the products. With an intention to attain higher growth opportunities, we have expanded our reach across the length and breadth of India with customers from Coimbatore to Haryana, Kolkata to Gujarat. An excellent network, right industry connections with plant owners and fellow traders enable us to meet the client’s need within the stipulated time period. The company’s chief aim is to provide the required quantity and quality of material at the best price across India. To ensure customer satisfaction, we have a 24*7 hotline number, which regularly meets the complaints and queries of the valued clients. In the recent future, our expansion plans include setting up more offices and warehouses all over India with the aim to serve the rising industrial sector of the nation.

Supplier of Ferro Alloys in India

Supplier of Ferro Alloys in India